Our Pet Policy

First and foremost, thank you for choosing to stay with your pet at Georgia Sunshine Village.

While we are happy that you will no doubt enjoy your holiday and so will your pet, however we do have have few policies that we would like you to know, when with us.

We request you  to bring the pets’ bedding and all related accessories for their stay.

We request you to refrain your  pet from climbing  onto the bed or sofas provided in the resort for obvious reasons.

Diet for your pet will be required to be brought , otherwise you are free to use the kitchen to prepare the same. We could provide the necessary ingredients if you may so require at a nominal charge.

We do not provide any  service for pets. You are requested to kindly arrange to collect / clean all pet related items from the kitchen itself if ordered.

We request you to ensure that your pet will not be left unattended in the room or around the premises  at anytime.

Should there be an objection from any other guest we will require you to kindly avoid all common areas with your pet.

We too have our pets like sheep, ducks, turkeys, pigeons and would request you to kindly control your pet in case it has the tendency to chase these animals/ birds.

Kindly note that there will be a charge of ₹500/- as entry fee for your pet. This is purely for the entry of your pet, and does not include food or services of any kind.

We know that your pet will be well behaved during its stay with us but we have to inform you that should there be any damage to our property such as rooms walls, furniture etc., we will be forced to apply a charge which you have accepted by visiting our website.